Timing the Machine
Gary Crew & Paul O'Sullivan

Timing the Machine

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Enoch is studying HG Wells' classic novel, The Time Machine. His teacher has brought him to the museum to gain a greater appreciation of time but, as the museum closes, the lights dim and Enoch finds himself alone. Or is he? Has some greater power lured him here? What is causing the entire building to vibrate? Some mighty machine throbbing into life? Take the Time journey. You may never return.

Timing the Machine is the highly anticipated sequel to The Visions of Ichabod X, shortlisted for the Australian Book designer's awards 2016. Professor Gary Crew is the author of the international bestseller The Watertower, among many other multi-award winning titles. Paul O'Sullivan is the illustrator of the iconic The Visions of Ichabod X, also by Gary Crew.

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