The Fascinating History of Toys & Games Around the World
Warwick Henderson

The Fascinating History of Toys & Games Around the World

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Toys and games have been entertaining children and adults alike for centuries. From the time of the Pharaohs to current day Chinese Chequers, Model Cars, the Space Race and Star Wars.

This illustrated history is an incredible insight into the background of the toys that we grew up with, including particular toys and games that became international favourites. The book is not just for toy and game aficionados, but anyone who is interested in history, both social and industrial, and collectors in general.

Over 250 colour photographs compliment this wonderfully researched and detailed book. The toys and games that reflect history are wide-ranging: What sophisticated board game was discovered in the 20th century that was over 5000 years old and played by Tutankhamen? Was a children's atom bomb game really made just after world war 1? Why was a toy used by astronauts heading to outer space?

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