Terrorism in Australia The Story of Operation Pendennis
Peter Moroney

Terrorism in Australia The Story of Operation Pendennis

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Terrorism in Australia takes us into a world unknown to most of us on how the culture of terrorists groups work and think, and how this is an issue that authorities continue to strive to stay on top of around the world but also in Australia. How do we stop an attack on our shores, who is who in our terrorist groups in Australia and around the world, and stories behind capturing some of the most dangerous terrorists in Australia and putting them into prison.

Peter also reveals the shadowy world of how Australian teens are being radicalised and he also takes us deep inside the first major Terrorism Police Organization in Australia where terrorism wasn’t a word used often.

Peter now uses his skills and insight into organised crime and terrorism with background information on how Terrorism became a word now used often in Australia and how his work with governments all over the world has become so vital to stopping Terrorism in Australia. Most books discuss the history of Terrorism unlike this book which tells the stories of the police and how they stopped terrorism in Australia before it became too late.

Peter has conducted terrorism related investigations/training in Egypt, France, England, Northern Ireland, Canada and the United States. Peter has been extensively awarded for previous criminal investigations, including the AFP Operations Medal, Investigation of the Year (Specialist), NSW Police Commissioner Commendation (x 4) for criminal investigation.

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