Ilsa Evans


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500 years of global domination. One girl to bring it down.

In 2023, with conflict escalating throughout the world, a paranoid billionaire develops a type of force field, a fusion of charged molecules, designed to provide safety for only a few. The eventual construction, christened 'the shield', is donut-shaped, funneling out from a manmade island to cover an area of around two hundred kilometres. Soon afterwards the world outside is obliterated.

But the shield does more than simply protect those beneath. Five hundred years later society is very different. Gods rule with an iron fist, with winged dragards the only inhabitants of the sky. Proles are used for everything else, from servitude to surrogacy. Stratification is inescapable. Until, that is, a young girl from the farthest reaches of the shield sets off on her coming of age travels. And her heritage sets into motion a series of events that have been many years in the making.

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