Split Second
Michael Kuzilny

Split Second

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Michael Kuzilny is a successful Australian based lawyer who has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986. Throughout his legal and media career, Michael Kuzilny has met with people at a point where the impacts of their split-second decisions have result in either victory or vulnerability. This is an amazing 30-year legal journey from cop to criminal defence lawyer, and these are the stories that nobody would ever talk about.

MK learned how split-second decisions could lead you down a pathway straight into being tied up and unable to escape from the black-hole of corruption that sucked in so many other young law enforcers, that rather then defending the law, landed themselves in a prison cell. Michael Kuzilny spent 10 years as a cop both uniform plain clothes in some of the worst areas of Australia.

In this compelling and fascinating book, MK shares his journey of working with honest and corrupt cops, drugs, prostitutes, and personally staring at death at Australia’s worst massacre; “The Hoddle Street Massacre”. MK also shares his part in capturing Paul Denyer, a serial killer on the loose in Frankston; Australia; he speaks about his distant friendship with Chopper Read; the beating he copped from the prince of Carlton Alfonse; and finally years later meets up with Tziporah Malhah at Icebergs in Bondi, to hear her rags to riches story and her run in with the law. A truly inspiring read; you won’t be able to put this book down.

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