Resilience (Kindred Ties Book 3)
Marita Smith

Resilience (Kindred Ties Book 3)

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The world’s future is in their hands.

After millennia of dormancy, an ancient gene that enables humans to communicate with animals is reactivated. The research facility where the gene was initially discovered, the MRI, is now under the control of Vulcan – a man intent on harnessing this power to seize global control. Everywhere, teenagers and their partner animals are dying and disappearing, governments are falling, and fueled by the escalating chaos, the dark spirit, Nyx, grows ever stronger.

Hope lies with the walkers - Fletcher, Ariana and Eli. Only they can cross the bridge between this world and the spirit world. Scientist Robyn Greene is racing against time to understand the kindred ties that bind the walkers to all living things. Inside the MRI, loyalties are tested. As an impending catastrophic solar storm looms, they form a renegade team. Between them, they must find a way to stop Vulcan’s quest for world domination and Nyx’s determination to destroy humankind altogether. Success means the restoration of the ancient cycle that will return the Earth to balance. Failure means the end of life as we know it.

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