Marvel Heroines in Action: Cool as a Captain

Marvel Heroines in Action: Cool as a Captain

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Captain Marvel owns the metropolis of New York City — or at least she'd like to think she does.

So, when the evil Ultron decides to descend upon the Big Apple—and he's not there to take in a Broadway show—Captain Marvel takes it upon herself to personally rid the city of his villainous presence. She'll keep her beloved city safe, and hey, if she happens to become known as 'The Super Hero Who Single Handedly Saved NYC' in the process, that's really just a fringe benefit. Imagine her displeasure when, in pursuit of the mammoth robot, Captain Marvel runs into Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye on the very same mission! The nerve. Will Captain Marvel team up with the Avengers and agree to work together to save the city, or will she insist on going it alone—and possibly meet her end in the process?

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