Last Girl Ghosted
Lisa Unger

Last Girl Ghosted

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An online dating match turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse game in this riveting and utterly original thriller

She met him through a dating app. An intriguing picture on a screen, a meeting at a downtown bar. What she thought might be just a quick hookup quickly became much more. She fell for him — hard.

But then, just as things were getting real, he stood her up. Then he disappeared — profiles deleted, phone disconnected. She was ghosted.

Maybe it was her fault. She shared too much, too fast. But soon she learns there were others. Girls who thought they were in love, who later went missing. She had been looking for a connection, but now she’s looking for answers. Chasing a digital trail into his dark past — and hers — she finds herself on a dangerous hunt. And she’s not sure whether she’s the predator — or the prey.

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