Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers
Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers

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Continuing the definitive space opera anthology series.

Today’s most popular writers produce new stories set in their most famous universes, alongside essential and seminal short fiction from past masters. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Infinite Stars anthology, Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers continues to present today’s finest science fiction authors writing new stories set in their most famous worlds.

With a new introduction and a short story by David Weber, the authors include Becky Chambers (Wayfarers), Curtis C. Chen (Kangaroo), Orson Scott Card (Ender), Susan R. Matthews, Larry Niven and Steven Barnes (Dream Park), Tanya Huff (Confederation), Jack Campbell (Lost Fleet) and many more.

All new stories are exclusive to this volume for 18 months. The unparalleled collection also offers masterpieces by famous writing legends including Arthur C. Clarke, E.E. “Doc” Smith, C.L. Moore, and Robert Heinlein.

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