Home Cooking With Hayden
Hayden Bridger

Home Cooking With Hayden

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Delicious home cooking recipes from the man himself Hayden Bridger, from the highly-popular South Coast, NSW store, Hayden's Pies!

“We found a space to lease and did all the renovations ourselves … at the end of six weeks I walked out of the shop with a welders mask and returned the next morning wearing a chef’s jacket.”

And so started a South Coast institution: Hayden’s Pies in Ulladulla, a port of call for all aficionados of great food served in great pastry. Inside this book are easy-to-cook recipes from Salmon and King Prawn Pie to Chicken and Pesto Sausage Roll. But Hayden Bridger knows how to cook more than great pies: inside you’ll also find wonderful recipes from Brownies to Wild Rabbit with Oyster Mushroom. Catch a taste of the South Coast, the new destination for keen foodies everywhere!

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