Emergence (Kindred Ties Book 2)
Marita Smith

Emergence (Kindred Ties Book 2)

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Our world has forgotten about the walkers. Able to communicate with animals, they maintained the balance between the physical and spirit worlds.

Now, scientist Robyn Greene has found their modern day reincarnations: Fletcher, Ariana and Eli. But they’re not the only ones with the ability to communicate with animals: a small percentage of the population also has the Convergence gene. Using herself as a guinea pig, Robyn discovers how to activate this gene, but the breakthrough comes at a terrible price. The MRI has stolen the bio-technology and is seizing Convergers across the world, desperate to control the weapon these teenagers represent.

Reeling from loss and betrayal, Robyn adjusts to her new abilities while keeping the walkers safe as they grow into their powers. But time is running out: a catastrophic solar storm threatens to release a dark spirit that will imperil the entire planet. Only Robyn can set things right, but can she figure out the MRI’s plans and bring the Earth back into balance before it’s too late?

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