Bob Hart's Barbecue Gourmand
Bob Hart

Bob Hart's Barbecue Gourmand

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Barbecue bon vivant Bob Hart has covered every gamut of the art, from cooking outdoors over fire in his Barbecue Unplugged, to the basic bibles every barbecuer needs: his two Heat & Smoke titles.

With those foundations now well established, Bob has dragged his trusty barbecues into a world of haute cuisine, where pears are lovingly cooked over charcoal with a waft of pecan smoke, where salmon is placed on a cedar plank for a new twist on a salad nicoise and where a classic tournedos Rossini is dragged out of the kitchen and on to a grill. Perhaps the most ambitious barbecue book ever attempted, Barbecue Gourmand features more than 50 illustrated recipes for gourmet meals plus essential side dishes, salads and indispensable sauces, dressings, rubs and gravies that bring a touch of class to the barbecuing art and allows that staple of any Aussie backyard to take its rightful place as the star of a fancy dinner party. 

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