Owen Eastwood


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Whakapapa. You belong here.

Whakapapa is a Maori idea which embodies our universal human need to belong. It represents a powerful spiritual belief - that each of us is part of an unbroken and unbreakable chain of people who share a sacred identity and culture. Owen Eastwood places this concept at the core of his methods to maximise a team's performance. In this book he reveals, for the first time, the ethos that has made him one of the most in-demand Performance Coaches in the world.

In Belonging, Owen weaves together insights from homo sapiens' evolutionary story and ancestral wisdom. He shines a light on where these powerful ideas are applied around our world in high-performing settings encompassing sport, business, the arts and military.

Aspects of Owen's unique approach include:

  • Finding your identity story.
  • Defining a shared purpose.
  • Visioning future success.
  • Sharing ownership with others.
  • Understanding the 'silent dance' that plays out in groups.
  • Setting the conditions to unleash talent.
  • Converting our diversity into a competitive advantage.

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