Authentic Power and Greatness
Joseph Rodarick Law

Authentic Power and Greatness

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Throughout recorded human history, many insightful teachers, thinkers and philosophers have explored the topic of finding purpose and living a life filled with happiness. These ideals, insights of spiritual wisdom, and higher perspectives are valid, but most of them were written thousands of years ago. How can we practically integrate these ancient teachings into the complexities of our modern, everyday lives?

In this groundbreaking book, Joseph Rodarick Law teaches the principles of happiness from a holistic perspective, one that includes fulfilling relationships, a rewarding career, spiritual growth and finding one’s purpose in life. Written in a question-and-answer dialogue through a series of rare and insightful interview, Authentic Power and Greatness gives you private access to the ideas, thoughts and advice of some of the most respected thinkers in the world today.

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