A Rum Tale: Spirit of the New World
Joseph Piercy

A Rum Tale: Spirit of the New World

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A fun gift book incorporating the history, culture and cocktail recipes of one of the world's most versatile spirits. Steeped in a long, diverse history, rum is a spirit that has meaning in cultures across the globe, from its home in the Caribbean and Barbados, through the ranks of the Royal Navy, to the Australian rum rebellion.

Here Joseph Piercy delves into the rich history of rum, from the invasion of the Caribbean to the real pirates of the Caribbean who gave use some of our best known brands of rum today, such as Henry 'Captain' Morgan. He explores the legend of Nelson's blood (whose body was said to be stored in a rum barrel for transport) and the rum-running of Prohibition-era United States, which stoked the Bacardi family's rise to fame and fortune. As it experiences a long-overdue resurgence in popularity, alongside a fascinating history, Piercy shares his experience of this versatile spirit, listing rums not to miss and delicious rum-based cocktails you can try at home. This is a fun little book that no drinks connoisseur should be without. 

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