Lines to the Horizon: Australian Surf Writing
Jock Serong

Lines to the Horizon: Australian Surf Writing

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Coming to you from the barrels and breaks of Mexico, Australia and Fiji, these six pieces of narrative non-fiction invite you into the world of surf culture. A book that will appeal to hardcore surfers and armchair travellers alike; even if you've only ever dreamed of catching a wave, you'll love immersing yourself in this great salty read.

Tim Winton says, 'Surfing is not just a subculture, it is culture, and here's proof', while Jock Serong says that the collection demonstrates our horizons are unlimited. From Gold Coast surf culture to the relationships of humans to the sea and from surf travel in Mexico to Taj Burrow's final campaign in Fiji, this collection features six authors writing about surfing, and the ocean, in six very different ways. Their stories are reverential, energetic and mystical, and between them cover thousands of kilometres of coastline, at home and abroad.

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