Being - Bullet Journal
Ruby Chisholm

Being - Bullet Journal

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Find stillness in the chaos of everyday life

Modern life finds us juggling multiple tasks. Our commitments, work, family and friends can make prioritising our well-being a challenge. A bullet journal is a means of capturing every important detail of our lives. Part To-Do List, part Planner and part Diary. All in one place, for your peace of mind.

Whether you're jotting down a quick 'to-do' on the run, or sitting in a quiet place with a pot of freshly brewed tea writing down a treasured memory - your bullet journal will aid you in embracing the present moment. Perfect both for those feeling swamped with everyday life, and people who want to use their time to become more mindful and grateful. Your bullet journal will help plan day-to-day activities, track moods, thoughts and habits, as well as staying on top of your long-term goals.

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